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What is the family's role in the recovery process? 

Family Therapy has been proven to be an important element in the treatment of patients with eating disorders. Family Therapy is essential with minors and equally important with adults recovering from eating disorders. Through therapy, families come to discover how they communicate, manage conflicts, or tolerate negative emotions. This can aid in their loved one's recovery. Family Therapy also helps the family understand the role the eating disorder has played within the family, identifies what factors may be maintaining the disorder, and teaches family members how to differentiate between the person and the illness. 

At Pathways to Peace, I am trained in family therapy and can help families examine communication and problem areas as well as identify relationship patterns that may be more helpful in the recovery of an eating disorder. We also teach families how they can best support their loved one's treatment process.  

In addition, I help families who are seeking support and understanding of a loved one's mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety. Families can play an important role in the healing process from almost any mental health condition. 

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