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A cancer diagnosis is devastating

A cancer diagnosis is not only devastating but it is life-changing. Emotions can vary from anger, shock, and disbelief to fear, anxiety, and sadness.  The emotional side of cancer can feel very overwhelming not only at the beginning of the process, but also midway through treatments and even as treatments are ending.  A cancer diagnosis often results in physical, emotional, and financial distress not only for the individual who has cancer, but for their loved ones as well.  

Pathways to Peace understands this very difficult and painful journey.  We provide supportive counseling, distress tolerance, effective coping strategies, and resources to support patients and caregivers going through the cancer treatment process. 

New Cancer Skills Coping Cancer Classes F​or Breast C​ancer!! 

​We are now offering a series of virtual classes that teach coping skills for the newly diagnosed breast cancer patient, the breast cancer survivor, and for those struggling with body image issues as a result of breast cancer treatment. 

For more information, contact Pathways to Peace, Inc. at 407-867-1368

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